Awnings for Restaurants, Bars, and Rooftops

Installing a commercial awning is one of the smartest investments a business owner can make. These rooflike structures create an outdoor extension of the building. And when it comes to restaurants and bars, they offer much more than shade and shelter. Awnings for restaurants offer many benefits. Commercial awnings not only expand usable outdoor space and seating capacity but also provide comfort to your customers, protect your furnishings, and allow your business to run more smoothly. By removing weather fluctuations from the equation, restaurant awnings flatten out variable demand so you can operate at a reliable and consistent pace. No more being slammed one day and slow the next just because of an unexpected rainstorm. And with the ability to add signage and lighting, awnings can attract new customers. Together, these benefits can significantly boost profits and deliver a substantial return on investment.

At Window Works, we have installed thousands of awnings in the New York and New Jersey area over the years. Here are a few of our favorite projects from restaurants, bars, and rooftop venues that have made a meaningful impact.

City Bistro

City Bistro

We’ve shared the City Bisto project on the blog before, but with sweeping views of uptown Hoboken, a bar, and full-service dining on the rooftop, whatever the weather—can you blame us? Here, we installed dual Gennius Retractable Roof Systems, complete with side panels and heaters in the winter for a cozy lodge feel. In the warmer months, the side panels come off and the awning remains to provide shade and shelter from the rain. This solution doesn’t just maximize space; it maximizes revenue.

Rosie’s Trattoria


At Rosie’s Trattoria in Randolph, NJ, our rain-or-shine solution was a stunning retractable roof for its upscale atmosphere (with sides and an additional entrance). Now, the outdoor dining space offers flexibility throughout the year, and is perfect for private events. 

P.S. Check out the window treatments we created for Rosie’s gorgeous banquet room. Inside and out, it’s all about the ambiance here. 


Villaggio Iccara

awnings for restaurants
Awnings for restaurants expand your seating capacity.

In Yardville, NJ, Window Works installed another Gennius Retractable Roof System for Villaggio Iccara’s outdoor Terrazzo, creating the ultimate al fresco dining space that perfectly matches the restaurant’s delightful vibe. The owner had been dreaming about this patio for 20 years, and it was our privilege to bring his vision to life. With an extended seating area and a new space for private events, Iccara can now serve more meals and see even more smiling faces. 

At Window Works in Livingston, NJ, we design solutions. And when it comes to restaurants and bars, we know an awning will always improve your bottom line by attracting more customers, expanding seating capacity, and creating year round comfort for everyone that comes through your doors.

Our team at Window Works is here to help you achieve your business goals. Schedule your free consultation with our awning specialist today.

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