About Us

Window Works StaffExperience. Expertise. Excellence.

These are not empty words that we carelessly toss around. We mean them. We live them. We are them.

We Have Experience

We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1982—honing our craft, sharpening our skills and broadening our knowledge for decades. Think you have a problem window? Give us a call. We’ve probably come across a similar issue and have the right solution.

We Value Expertise

It’s been said that an expert is someone who has made all the mistakes that can possibly be made in their own narrow field. If you’ve also spent many years in the same profession, you probably understand. We’ve earned expert status in our field through our interactions with each and every customer.

We Care About Excellence

Being excellent is a deliberate decision we make every day as a company. We consciously decide to be excellent in the way we treat you when you first call, when we design your window treatments and awnings, when we hunt for the perfect fabric or wallpaper to complement your home, when we install your products and when we welcome you back for your next project.

We look forward to hearing from you, and for the opportunity to show you that we mean what we say.

Meet the Family

Vincent Nigara

Vincent Nigara, Owner

Vince is our founding partner as well as our managing partner. After spending many years selling awnings and window treatments, Vince mostly now oversees the Window Works team. He is still guiding us on our company mission, to provide light control at the window, and our core values of integrity in all that we do and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. His expert leadership continues to enrich and inspire us daily. He is also usually the one we go to when we need an out of the box solution for a complex awning or window treatment installation.

LuAnn Nigara

LuAnn Nigara, Owner

LuAnn Nigara oversees window treatment sales and the Window Works advertising, branding and social media. Together with Kim, she manages To the Trade accounts with interior design firms from the NY-NJ Metro area as well as nationally. LuAnn is the host and creator of the Window Works podcast, A Well-Designed Business®, the number one rated podcast for the Interior Design business community. She is the author of the book, The Making of A Well-Designed Business®, a road map for entrepreneurs to create a successful business.

Bill Campesi

Bill Campesi, Owner

Bill is an expert window treatment installer with more than 30 years’ experience. He leads our team of installers, teaching them our expectations for quality workmanship and our goal of an excellent customer experience. His finest skill is his gift for detailed drapery and soft window treatment installations. Bill’s creativity and his steadfast patience in the most difficult situations are valued by us and our clients alike. Well respected in our industry, he has also been called on to train installers for other window treatment companies during his career.

Kimberly Serafim

Kimberly Serafim, Interior Designer

Kimberly is a talented interior designer who, lucky for us, has decided to specialize in custom window treatment design. She has an uncanny gift for knowing almost every fabric and wallpaper in our nearly 2000 book library. When you are looking for the perfect pattern to complement your design, Kim is the lady to find it. Kim also handles our To the Trade designer accounts and assists LuAnn with the Window Works branding messages. On Fridays at 4:00 pm EST, along with Rich, Kim hosts the Window Works FB Live. Each week they share information, tips and advice regarding window treatments and awnings.

Catherine Quinto

Catherine Quinto, Showroom Coordinator

As your first point of contact at Window Works, Catherine will be there to get your journey for custom window treatments and awnings off to a great start. Catherine recently relocated to the North Jersey area and we were fortunate to have her join our team in June of 2020. She is personable, professional, and always available to our loyal customers!

Rich Rogers

Rich Rogers, Awning and Window Treatment Specialist

Rich joined the Window Works team after serving as our vendor rep for KE Durasol Awnings Inc., the Italian based multi-national vendor of awnings and outdoor shading solutions that we have partnered with since 1985. As the Senior Regional Sales Manager at KE Durasol, he honed his knowledge of the complete awning and outdoor shading line, which is a tremendous asset to Window Works and to you, our customer.

JC Rocha

JC Rocha, Awning and Window Treatment Specialist

JC joined the Window Works team after five years as a top sales performer for Power Home Remodeling. Specializing in solar panels and home improvement for Power, the transition to our awning team was a natural fit. His technical experience, combined with his 15 years in the restaurant industry, gives JC a unique skill set for servicing customers in hospitality as well. However, JC’s most valuable asset to our customers is his genuine pride in treating every project as if it were his own home or business.

Carlos Martins

Carlos Martins, Installer

Carlos joined the Window Works team in 2007 and is one of two lead awning installers. A Certified Somfy Motorization Expert he has a particular genius when it comes to motorization for both interior and exterior treatments. Carlos understands the complexities of home automation and is our go to guy when we are executing these intricate projects. Carlos is fearless on a ladder which sometimes concerns us but mostly we are in awe of.

Julian DeVonish

Julian DeVonish, Installer

Julian is on our awning installation team and is also a Certified Somfy Motorization Expert. He joined Window Works in 2014 after working for Habitat for Humanity. His knowledge of construction is a terrific asset for our installation team especially when we face challenging installation conditions. Probably one of his best traits is his always pleasant and “can do” attitude that he brings to everything he does.

Tommy De Trolio

Tommy De Trolio, Installer

Tommy has worked with us at Window Works off and on since his early 20's. We always looked forward to seeing him during his summer breaks from college. A 4th generation carpenter, Tommy learned carpentry and construction working by his father's side since he was very young. He earned his BA in History from Fairleigh Dickinson University as well as his Elementary Education Teachers certificate. Now our installation team benefits tremendously from the expertise and talents, instilled in him by his father and grandfathers.

“The workmanship and quality are superb, the installation is neat and professional and the owners are a delight to work with. I highly recommend the company for anyone seeking a custom, expensive look without all the pretense.”

Marguerite, West Orange