Pergola Awnings for Weather Protection

Pergola Awning NJ

Pergola Awnings Increase Outdoor Space Usability

From covering an existing pergola to creating a covered pergola awning with a supporting frame, we have a variety of pergola awnings and outdoor shades that provide superior solar and weather protection so you can improve and expand your outdoor living space.

  • Use your outdoor space regardless of the weather
  • Provide UV protection for you and your furnishings
  • Highlight the beauty of an outdoor pergola
  • Put multiple awnings together for wider coverage
  • Solve shading issues in a variety of situations

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Pergola Shading Structures

Tensioned Pergola Shades

Pinnacle One

  • A versatile shade structure that bridges the gap between retractable awning and stationary canopy and offers the best features of both;  flexible yet stabile.
  • Ideal for large decks or patios in windy areas or with low mounting surfaces
  • Significantly more resistant to wind than a standard retractable awning
  • Add full day sun protection with optional front drop shades
Pinnacle Two

Pinnacle Two

  • Identical to the Pinnacle One, but without front supporting posts
  • Ideal for mounting to structures like a pergola, gazebo, or trellis
  • Exterior cassette motorized retractable awning can be roof mounted to shade large skylights and solariums

Waterproof Pergola Awnings

The Gennius

The Gennius

  • Retractable pergola awning stands up to heavy winds, rain and harmful UV rays
  • Stationary, heavy duty frame
  • Integrated gutters and rain management technology
  • Capable of spanning massive projections and widths with one motor!