How to Prevent Walkout Basement Flooding

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Wondering how to prevent walkout basement flooding? New Jersey homeowners often face this challenge, especially during the rainy months. Window Works recently demonstrated their expertise by designing and installing a Welded WeatherMaster Awning Vestibule with side panels and a door, offering a customized solution for a homeowner experiencing persistent flooding issues.

A Common Problem: Walk-Out Basement Flooding

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BEFORE. The basement stairwell accumulated tons of water causing leaks into the home, despite have a French drain and a sump pump.

Heavy rainfall can overwhelm sump pumps, leading to water accumulation in walk-out basements. Despite the installation of preventive measures like a French drain and an outdoor sump pump with a generator, this customer found their system occasionally unable to handle the volume, resulting in backups and damage inside the home.

Our Custom Solution: Awning Vestibule with Side Panels and a Door

Window Works designed and installed a Welded WeatherMaster Awning Vestibule, creating a stylish enclosure around the entry of the walk-out basement. The awning, equipped with side panels and a door, prevents rain from overwhelming the sump pump, offering an effective and visually appealing solution to the flooding problem.

No More Headaches and Expensive Repairs

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This custom awning solution provided our customer relief from the headaches, inconvenience, and significant costs associated with mitigating flooding inside the home. By diverting rain away from the basement entry, the awning ensures the sump pump can efficiently manage water volume without being overwhelmed.

Window Works: A Trusted Resource for Custom Solutions

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With over 40 years of experience, Window Works continues to be the go-to resource for window treatments and outdoor shade solutions in NJ, NY, and beyond. Our expertise shines in projects that demand customized solutions, such as this innovative awning vestibule to prevent walk-out basement flooding. As the trusted experts who have seen it all and installed it all, our team remains committed to delivering high-quality solutions that address the unique challenges faced by homeowners and businesses.

Do you need a custom solution to improve your home interior or exterior? Schedule a free consultation with our awning and window treatment specialists.

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