Exterior Solar Screen Shades

Exterior Solar Screens Window Works NJ

Which exterior solar screen shade is right for you?

Our Exterior Solar Screen Shade Systems help to reduce your energy bills and give you control of your home’s natural lighting and privacy. They also decrease interior fading from damaging UV rays.

An exterior solar shade can keep out insects and inclement weather. There are various models, motorization, automation, and hardware choices, customized to suit your unique goals.

Each shade is then fitted perfectly with the best fabrics from a wide variety of acrylics or meshes. We’ll help you narrow down the choices by understanding what your goals and design tastes are. Get a free, on-site consultation for outdoor solar shades—click here now.

Exterior Solar Shades Save Energy

Exterior Solar Shades Save Energy Livingston Nj Window Works

Solar shades can improve energy performance and contribute LEED certification points.

  • Contribute to the number of LEED points a project earns in pursuit of certification
  • Maximize energy performance
  • Reduce cooling-energy use
  • Improve the appearance of the buildings and the comfort of building occupants

Exterior Solar Shades for Patios and Porches

Exterior Solar Shades For Patios And Porches Mahwah Nj

Tired of moving your chair to follow the shade cast by a post or column? Going inside when the weather turns against you? Create a retractable “porch enclosure.”

  • Very effective at blocking the UV
  • Install under a second-story deck with patio underneath
  • Perfect as garage door enclosures
  • Enclose your porch or patio at the touch of a button
  • Enclose a pavilion or pergola
  • Turn your outdoor covered area into a comfortable, protected space

Have a covered patio but don’t get to use it as much as you’d like?  A patio shade can turn that covered patio into a screened-in room, giving you protection but still allowing the view. There are different fabrics available to suit the need (blocking bugs, rain, wind, sun, etc.)

  • Heat and glare protection – block up to 95% of the sun but retain your view!
  • Insect protection – make your space more enjoyable and make your outdoor dining more comfortable by keeping the bugs out!
  • Privacy – make your space less public with a light-filtering or blocking fabric sunshade

Exterior Solar Shades for Windows

Exterior Solar Shades For Windows Nj

Shade fabrics can dramatically improve the quality of life in a room they are installed onto.

  • Block the sun before it passes through glass and transfers light into heat energy
  • Avoid unbearable sun or heat certain times of the day
  • Protect your hardwood floors, furniture upholstery, and window treatments

Exterior Solar Shades for Pergolas

Exterior Solar Shades For Pergolas Boonton Nj

If you own a pergola, chances are you’ve realized that, although they are beautiful, they don’t create the shade or shelter you were expecting.

Exterior Solar Shades for Privacy

Exterior Privacy Shades Motorized Window Works Nj

Increase the privacy of your home and create a comfortable and beautiful living environment with this custom made shading system.

  • Motorized shades are designed to handle large or multiple windows
  • Get complete control over your rooms’ lighting and privacy
  • Includes a blackout option, allowing you to control your entertainment room by eliminating the glare of the sun

Exterior Solar Shades for Balconies

Exterior Solar Screens For Balconies Window Works Nj

Enclose your deck, patio or balcony with exterior solar screen shades.

  • Can be operated manually, or with the push of a button
  • Can be programmed to drop automatically when the sun becomes too intense and retract if it gets too windy

Exterior Solar Shades for Businesses and Restaurants

Exterior Solar Shades For Businesses And Restaurants

Backed by outstanding factory warranties and local installation and service, exterior shades are popular investments.

  • Stop having to shuffle patrons inside when the weather turns
  • Create that “closed in” feeling and protection without actually closing your patrons in
  • Concealed edge locking “zipper screen” options can be installed to keep out inclement weather and insects.
  • For indoor seating, install solar screens over windows to block the sun but NOT the view

Commercial Solar Shades

Commercial Solar Shades Digitally Printed Window Works Nj

We will work with you to find the optimal balance of aesthetics and function.

  • Many different colors and opaqueness options
  • Available with complete blackout fabrics and hardware
  • Can be integrated into automation systems
“It really makes such a difference on the feel of our deck. I work from home and I've decided this is my new office for the summer.”

Marybeth M., New Jersey