Why You Need to Include a Shade Solution in Your New Deck or Patio Plans

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When planning a new deck, patio, or outdoor living space, incorporating the right shade products into the design is just as essential as choosing the best layout or landscaping. Without shade elements, your outdoor oasis quickly transforms into an uncomfortably bright, hot spot that can not only ruin your experience, but also prematurely fade furnishings and materials. From stationary or retractable awnings to louvered roof systems and pergolas, the right shade structure will enhance your comfort, protect your investment, and allow you to enjoy the space you created longer, which is why it is important to build your new space to properly accommodate an ideal shade solution.


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Comfort is paramount to truly enjoying any outdoor living space. Without protection from the sun’s intense rays and heat, patios and decks turn into places you’d rather avoid than relax. By strategically incorporating shade elements, you can comfortably stay on the patio all day without worry. The right shade system will diffuse sunlight and allow fresh breezes to flow through, creating a pleasant refuge perfect for lounging, al fresco dining, and games any time of day.

Protecting Your Investment

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Let’s face it — quality decking materials, patio stone, furnishings, and finishing touches do not come cheap. A fully outfitted outdoor living space represents a substantial investment that you will want to protect. However, when left unprotected, under the harsh glare of UV rays or pelting rain, your expensive composite boards, exotic hardwood finishes, and textiles can deteriorate far before their time. Prolonged sun exposure can cause once-vibrant patio furniture to fade after just one or two seasons. By incorporating shade elements at the initial planning phase, you safeguard your sizable financial investment against premature weathering. Preserved beauty means you will spend less on refurbishing or replacing pieces damaged by standing unprotected outdoors. Shade equals savings in the long run.

Building Your Deck to Accommodate Your Ideal Shade Solution

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By consulting Window Works about overhead shade elements before you blueprint your perfect outdoor retreat, our shading experts can design a custom shaded oasis suited to your needs and lifestyle —from intimate covered dining to large entertainment zones. We analyze your deck or patio orientation for sun control and desired views, while evaluating ideal placement for your chosen product. Incorporating a shade solution from the start means you’ll enjoy an outdoor area that can withstand the elements for years to come.

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Shade planning is crucial for enhanced comfort, protected furnishings, and increased enjoyment of your new outdoor living space. With more than 40 years of experience, Window Works has you covered with guidance, top brands, and expert installation. Start planning your shaded oasis now to avoid the 8-10 week delays common once warmer weather hits. Don’t bake another season away — build your dream deck or patio with shade in mind from the start.

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