Retractable Awnings

Control Your Deck and Patio Experience with Retractable Awnings

Is the sun getting too hot over your lounge chair? Simply block it out with the push of a button. Concerned about an oncoming wind and thunder storm? Simply turn a crank and your awning retracts. Retractable awnings come in a wide range of options, including Gennius awnings, an amazing motorized pergola designed specifically to handle inclement weather. Each one of our unique solutions is custom-crafted for your particular project.

Time-Tested Benefits:

  • Extending the use of your outdoor living space
  • Providing UV protection and saving on energy costs
  • Increasing curb appeal of your home or business
  • Offering a greater degree of customization than other awnings
  • Enjoying shelter or sun in your yard as desired

Cassette Retractable Awnings with Integrated Protective Hoods

Awnings for Decks

Bella Plus

  • Uses a partially or fully enclosed hood for maximum protection
  • One of the most technologically advanced awnings in the industry
  • Ideal for roof and soffit mounted awnings
  • Awning projections up to 14’3″


  • Awning projections up to 11’9”
  • Integrated protective hood extends the life of fabric cover and motor
  • Ideal for harsh conditions such as a beachfront home

Retractable Awnings with Add-On Protective Hoods

Sunshelter Elite Plus

SunShelter® Elite Plus

  • Projection range: 5’3”, 7’8”, 8’6”, 10’2”, 11’9” & 13’6”
  • Wide range of frame color and options to suit your needs
  • Lifetime warranty is tops in the industry
Sunshelter Triumph

SunShelter® Triumph

  • KE Durasol’s heavy duty, large retractable awning
  • Projections start at:  13’5”
  • KE Durasol’s heavy duty, large retractable awning
  • Can shade up to 475 square feet
  • Perfect for commercial applications or large decks and patios
Sunshelter Regal

SunShelter® Regal

  • Projection range: 5’3”, 7’8”, 8’6”, 10’2” & 11’2”
  • KE Durasol’s most affordable retractable awning
  • Manual or motorized operation