Hunter Douglas Wood ShutterAs beautiful and versatile as custom shutters are, they can sometimes be confusing.

Often the same style and type of shutter is called by several names. When you tell us you are interested in ordering custom shutters, we usually begin by seeking to understand the type of shutter you are picturing when using a particular shutter name.

Plantation Shutters, California Shutters and Wide Louver Shutters are all names used to describe custom shutters where the louvers are either 2.5”, 3.5” or 4.5” wide. Shutters of this type can be genuine wood, faux wood or composite, which is engineered wood wrapped in PVC coating.

Classic Shutters, Traditional Shutters and Colonial Shutters all refer to custom shutters where the wood louvers are either 1.25” or 1.875” wide. These are almost always made of genuine wood.

Nearly all custom shutters types can be fabricated with numerous variations.

Shutters can be mounted inside a window frame with a hanging strip or mounted outside your window frame as a framed shutter unit. Other shutter options include single hung, double hung, tilt rod, mover louver, motorized louvers, fabric frame inserts, solid wood panels, arch top shutters, angle top shutters, overhead track mounts, bi-pass track mounts, French door mounts and bay window mounts.

In addition to the myriad of style specifications for custom shutters, the color choices are endless. We have over 30 standard paint and stain finishes for you to select from and we can also custom paint match your genuine wood shutters.

Custom shutters are an outstanding choice if you are looking for light, privacy control and an architectural feel to your design, along with the richness and classic elegance shutters provide.

Custom shutters truly compliment almost any décor. Whether you have an open, modern design or a traditional, old world styled room, there is a shutter style and type that will add dimension and beauty to your room.

A huge aspect of a perfectly executed shutter is the installation.

At Window Works our installers are highly trained and can expertly install all styles of shutters, ensuring your final product is everything you imagined.

As you can see, custom shutters are a highly technical product. Schedule a Free Virtual Consultation with either Kim, LuAnn or Vince is the best way to determine the ideal solution for your windows.

“My window treatments are beautiful and the company is wonderful to work with. They are very professional, the installation is perfect and everyone at Window Works has a great eye and collaborates very well with their customers and designers.”

Alisa H., New Jersey