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The Gennius Awning System—As Smart as It Is Strong

Extend your outdoor dining season. Guarantee a dry venue for a wedding reception. Improve the ambiance with LED lighting and audio. Generate revenue—even in bad weather.

From patios and beer gardens to restaurants and country clubs, there’s not a home or business that couldn’t benefit from a Gennius. To learn more, contact us or call (973) 535-5860.

Time-Tested Benefits:

  • Standing up to heavy winds
  • Protecting you and your customers from rain and UV rays
  • Utilizing an integrated rain water management system
  • Providing options for manual or motorized operation
  • Providing optional zip screens, curtains with clear windows or mesh to enclose the space
  • Integrating lighting and audio to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space

Watch a Gennius Motorized Pergola in Action:

Residential Gennius With Motorized Front Shade Window Works Nj
Gennius Motorized Pergola Nomad Pizza Princeton Underneath (1)

Heavy Duty – A2C

  • Capable of spanning an amazing 26’ projection with no interior support posts
  • Perfect for maximizing a restaurant table arrangement
  • Rainwater management is standard; lights, sound and solar shades are optional
Wood Pergola Look

Wood Pergola Look – L1S

  • Aluminum framework is decoratively clad in stained Scandinavian Spruce
  • Projects up to 19’ from the wall
  • Gutters and rainwater management is standard
Entry Level Gennius A100

Entry Level Gennius – A100

  • Newer model in the Gennius lineup   
  • Maximum projection of 18’
  • Perfect for smaller applications

Gennius Freestanding Awnings

Gennius Freestanding Awnings

Single Gennius Freestanding Awnings

  • Freestanding retractable awning for patios and decks
  • Fabric projects and retracts one way—on a shed-style slope
  • Can protect over 950 square feet of dining and entertainment space

Double Gennius Freestanding Awnings

  • Freestanding retractable awning for patios and decks
  • Fabric projects and retracts two ways—in an “a-frame” configuration
  • Can protect over 2,000 square feet of dining and entertainment space
Gennius Retrofits To Existing Structures

Gennius – Retrofits to Existing Structures – T1

  • Designed to install within or under an existing structure   
  • Capable of protecting against rain when appropriately pitched  
  • Perfect for attaching to an existing pergola or trellis
Gennius Cantilevered Without Posts

Gennius – Cantilevered Without Posts – T4

  • Self-supporting waterproof retractable awning without posts  
  • Maximum projection of about 13’ and width of about 43’  
  • Perfect for retail applications where attaching front posts is not permitted by law (sidewalk cafes, etc.)
"We are an out of state Contractor who contracted Window Works to take care of the awnings for one of our largest national accounts. All I can say is that I wish I had an awning company as efficient and professional as Window Works on all of my jobs."

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