Sunshades: Custom vs. Store-Bought

Custom Sunshades - Tension Shade Sails in Jersey City NJ


At Window Works, we’re always excited to gear up for the summer season—otherwise known as the awning season! The sun is finally starting the shine. Maybe you’re beginning to think about your patio and—equally as important—how to shade it.

Sure, you can go on online or stop into your local home furnishing store and walk out with a sunshade but why not go custom? We are sharing the top three reasons why you won’t regret going custom for your sunshade.

1. Sunshades That Are Custom-made Offer Durability

The internet does a great job making most things look the same, but you really do get what you pay for.

Custom-crafted shade sails or sun shades come with warranties between 5 and 10 years depending on your fabric choice. Other types of custom awnings come with similar—or longer!—warranties. They’re made to last.

2. Unlimited Options for Color, Size, Mounting and More

Color, size, mount, and branding are all options when you choose a custom sunshade. Store-bought sunshades are only available in a handful of colors and sizes, so why settle?

This is your home, your business, your outdoor space to enjoy—and it should look precisely the way you like! Custom sunshades are available in dozens of colors, endless sizes, and a variety of mounting options that will give your space a beautiful, finished look and feel.

From louvered roofs to shade sails to motorized retractable options, there are virtually endless ways to shade your space from the sun.

Sun Shade Motorized Louvered Roof Retractable Pergola
Motorized Louvered Roof Retractable Pergola

Business owners, when you go custom, you can brand your sunshades with logos and text. Did you know that you can also customize the shape of the shade to ensure maximum sun protection? With custom shade sails you can make your patio the envy of the neighborhood.

3. Excellent Service…From Selection to Installation

The best part: We do all of the work for you!

First, we help you choose the right sunshade for you and your space. By asking the right questions and analyzing the space, we can present the best possible options.

Then we get detailed. We’ll walk you through options for size, shape, color, and mounting options.

We’ll then place the order, deliver everything, and install it for you.

Lastly, if you’re sunshade isn’t exactly what you had in mind, we’ll make it right.

Freestanding Gennius Motorized Awning
Freestanding Gennius Motorized Awning

When it comes to your outdoor space, put your trust in the experts and opt for a custom sunshade.

You will get the exact look that you want for your home or business.

You are guaranteed a high-quality product. And you’ll save time and energy by skipping the visit to the store and avoiding potentially expensive mistakes.

Call us at (800)505-5860 today, schedule your free shop at home appointment, and then sit back, relax, pour yourself some lemonade and let us do the heavy lifting… literally.

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  • Shammy
    | 22 October 2021

    It made sense to me when you said that your property should look precisely the way you like, so you must consider custom sunshades. This reminded me of office buildings that may need protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. I could imagine how custom sun shades could ensure that the exterior design of a building is not going to be messed up.

  • ESA
    | 24 August 2022

    Window Works is a great way to get ready for summer—without all that pesky sunlight! I love how you mention Window works in your article, it’s always exciting when we gear up and prepare our homes for the coming season. How Metal Carports & Garages Are Beneficial To Homeowners?

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