What’s your window treatment personality?

How Many Layers Do You Need On Your Window Treatment?

1 Layer

Call me Vamparella

All open or all closed is good for me. I only need complete darkness or full sunlight in my room. One layer of heavy drapes is good for me.

2 Layers

My name is Layered Linda

I like to make it dark like a cave, but I need diffused privacy in the daytime. I need two layers on my windows.

Some possible combinations are:

  • drapes + sheers
  • drapes + roller shades
  • drapes + sheer Romans
  • wood blinds + swag or cascade




3 Layers

I am Goldilocks

I need it to be just right! I’d like full control of the light, as well as a decorative touch. I need privacy at night, privacy in the day, dark room in the morning, light filtering in the day. I need three layers to get all the flexibility I need in a window treatment.

Some possible combinations are:

  • drapes + roller shades + swag or cascade
  • sheers + wooden blinds + heavy drapes
  • drapes + Roman shades + sheers

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