Top 9 Things You Need to Know About Your Window Treatment Professional, But Were Afraid to Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Ask your window treatment professional as many questions as you can. The more you know, the more likely you will get what you want and be a happy customer! Get to know the person and the process as much as possible so you will be pleased with the results of your purchase.

1. Who owns the company you work for?

Is it the person you are talking to? It is a privately owned company, or a franchise?

2. How many years are they in business?

It’s helpful to know how much experience they have.

3. How long have you worked for this company?

Get a feel for how invested this person is in the company, and how knowledgeable they are about their offerings.

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4. Do you like working for them? Why?

If they like working for them, signs points to that you will enjoy working with them too!

5. Who will install my window treatments?

Will it be the person you are talking to, or someone else? Are they taking precise measurements and writing down specific details so that the proper information will be passed along?

6. Tell me about a time when another customer ordered something that didn’t fit right?

This will show you that they have experience in a range of situations, and how well they treat their customers when something goes wrong.

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7. Tell me about a time when a customer ordered something and didn’t like it.

Sometimes you can’t be sure who’s fault it was when something goes wrong. Find out if they will take responsibility for communicating with the customer properly and making sure what is wanted is delivered. This will give you an idea of how easy it will be to work with them.

8. Does your company warranty your products?

If so, what are the extents of the warranty? What is covered and how long does it last?

9. Does your company handle repairs and service?

It’s always good to know if they will be available for you, and how much the service will cost. Also ask about how long repairs usually take.

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