Jenny Madden Design

Townhome Gut Renovation, Jersey City NJ

Jenny Madden Design

This home called for a number of different types of window treatments.

The project would require motorized solar shades, drapery, and roman shades. Jenny says, “We knew Window Works had the expertise to handle all of them. We communicated the design and selected the materials, while Window Works handled all of the complex coordination to implement those choices.”

An older home brings charm—and some challenges.

Jenny knew a motorized solar shade was the right choice for the living room based on function, but did not want to see the roll or a valance to cover it. They wanted to hide it behind architectural mouldings. Window Works helped them to identify the size they needed for the shade and execute the design.

The project was a renovated brownstone and thus, the old home wasn’t perfectly level anymore. Window Works’ drapery installers helped to disguise the slanted ceilings and floors.  Jenny noted: “A less experienced drapery installer could have magnified the home’s weaknesses.”

The feedback from the client: “Overwhelmed with joy…We can finally call this place home and we love every moment we share in it.”

Drape Detail Jenny Madden DesignDesign by Jenny Madden Design. Photos by Marco Ricca.

Bedroom By Jenny Madden DesignDesign by Jenny Madden Design. Photos by Marco Ricca.

“LuAnn is a great partner to have on a project. I know that she is going to take the ball and run with it. I’m not going to have to communicate with three different workrooms or multiple people.”

Jenny Madden, Jenny Madden Design