Windows of Opportunity: Save On Energy Costs with UV Tinted Windows

 Are your windows costing you money?

It’s a fact that over the course of your home’s lifetime your untreated windows can end up causing you to waste a lot of energy and costing a lot money paying the cooling and heating bills. That’s right, your untreated windows are literally causing you to spend more on heating and cooling bills. Stop throwing your hard earned money out the window!

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that on average 15% of your home’s wall space is made of glass, which is a poor insulator compared to other building materials. On average your home is wasting $63 per month…which adds up to around $750 a year!

Did you know that your windows are one of the main sources of energy loss in your home?

Rising energy costs are on a lot of people’s minds. If your energy bill is putting a pinch in your pocket then maybe it’s time to consider installing UV Tinted Windows. By installing UV Tinted Windows you can end up saving as much as 50% on home cooling costs by reducing upwards of 70% in solar heat that passes through your windows.

UV Tinted Windows Add Up to Big Savings!

By blocking UV rays and the hot spots they cause in your home you will save big on energy costs and create a more even temperature across your household, reducing both hot and cold spots inside. UV Tinted Windows not only save money by reducing cooling costs in the summer, they also help save money in the winter by helping to insulate against heat loss as well.

Stop Throwing Money Out the Window!

Stop letting your hard earned money fly out the window and contact us here at Window Works about installing UV Tinted Windows in your home!

For information about UV tinted windows, please contact Window Works at (973) 535-5860 or (800) 505-5860.

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