Louvered Roofs in NJ

Enjoy Outdoor Space in Style and Comfort with a New Motorized Louvered Roof

What are the Benefits of a Louvered Roof System?

In our experience, people who buy a motorized louvered roof soon come to love their new space.  They’re remarkably durable, versatile, and useful roof systems.

  • A louvered roof is an instant outdoor living space. Like direct sunlight? Leave the louvers open. Want shade? Closed louvers keep the light and a lot of the heat out.
  • A louvered roof is a great way to enjoy a rainy day without the inconvenience of getting wet! Rotating slants (louvers) allow you to block as much or as little sun as you wish.
  • Louvered roofs are strong and many can be engineered to withstand up to 180 mph wind and up to 80 pounds per square foot of snow.

Any louvered roof system recommended by Window Works for installation at your New Jersey home will be 100% rust-proof, made in the USA, and built on a lightweight extruded-aluminum framework.

  • Unlike plastic or wood, the extruded aluminum beams buttressing the frames make for a physically stronger louvered roof, one that can withstand harsh conditions of wind or heavy snow.
  • Whatever the weather conditions, a louvered roof is an adjustable patio cover that can hold up.
  • Installing a louvered roof to cover your patio, porch, garden, deck, or any part of your backyard is a smart way for homeowners to extend their usable outdoor space.
  • Since a louvered roof can be free-standing or semi-attached to the house, you can put it just about anywhere – even making it part of an integrated gutter system.
  • Louvered roofs are designed to connect with other roofs, thereby allowing homeowners to extend the stylish, protective cover to a virtually unlimited amount of ground.
  • A louvered roof system installed by Window Works could accommodate the installation of a ceiling fan, a misting system, and lighting fixtures, adding to the comfort and livability of the outdoor space you’ve created under your louvered roof.
  • Many homeowners opt to completely enclose their louvered roof system with remote-control adjustable patio covers, making time spent entertaining or relaxing under the roof even more comfortable.

That’s what makes a louvered roof system such a smart option for New Jersey homeowners—you’ll have an adjustable patio cover that creates instant outdoor space, turning a day of too much sun or rain into just an ordinary, moderate day.

Our New Motorized Louvered Roof Increases Comfort, Usage, and Enjoyment of Outdoor Space

Imagine being able to enjoy all the elements of the great outdoors, just outside your own house. You can do just that when you call Window Works to install a new Louvered Roof System at your New Jersey home.

If you’re not familiar with louvered roofs, then you’ve come to the right place. Window Works has the experience, expertise, and excellent service to provide the best in patio-covering louvered roofs, letting you create outdoor space for entertaining, dining, or just relaxing with Mother Nature.

Experience the comfort of a little extra space outside. Let Window Works install a custom-chosen, name-brand Louvered Roof System to protect and shade patios, pool areas, outdoor kitchens, garden spaces, backyard hot tubs, and anything else we can put a roof over.

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A louvered roof system is an incredibly useful way to simultaneously enjoy more outdoor living space while at the same time enjoying the protection of an adjustable patio cover.

Known in Europe as “Bioclimatic Pergolas”, louvered roof systems are attractive, stylish, modern outdoor pergolas with rotating louvers that can spin a full 180 degrees.

Sundance Pergola Louvered Roof Window Works Nj

A louvered roof can close to protect you against falling snow and rain, or it can open up to let the sun shine in.

Louvers, according to the dictionary definition, are series of narrow openings framed by slats. In louvered roofs or other motorized pergolas, these slats are adjustable (rotatable about their long axis) via remote control.

That means they can be a flat, protective roofing system one minute…and an open, airy patio cover the next, with just the push of a button.

A louvered roof system is the perfect way to get the most out of the great outdoors. Just set the louvers, sit back, and enjoy the beauty of Nature from the comfort of your patio, away from harsh direct sunlight or the drops of a rainy day.

Poolside Patio Louvered Roof Window Works Nj

That’s the amazing thing about louvered roofs—you can purchase one that would look absolutely perfect in your backyard.

The louvered roofs available for sale through Window Works of New Jersey are top-quality, sturdily constructed, and come in a huge variety of styles, colors, sizes, features, and other options to choose from.

A louvered roof is a type of pergola, and pergolas are highly customizable outdoor roofs. That means you can find a louvered roof that perfectly matches the stylistic elements of your house…and offers the cover and protection you want for your family and your guests.

At Window Works, the homeowners are in full control. Check out a louvered roof we recently installed in Ridgewood, NJ here.

A Louvered Roof on Your Deck or Patio Keeps You Cool

We mean that in more ways than one.

Louvered roofs installed over your deck or patio provide much-needed shade from the sun beams and their heat. You can also slant the louvers to catch the wind, directing the breeze your way and giving yourself a little air ventilation.

That’s a level of functionality no awning can match. You really need a louvered roof!

There’s also the fact that louvered roof systems are extremely attractive and eye-catching.

You can order a louvered roof in various styles and colors, making that outdoor space under your deck, on your patios, or outside your bay windows a space that’s truly your own…and making you look even cooler as a result.

Louvered Roof In Nj Window Works Nj

Thinking about a Louvered Roof? Call Window Works of New Jersey at 973-535-5860!

If you’re sold on the idea of a new louvered roof system—or if you still have some questions about how louvered roofing systems work or what sort of architectural style you can choose—please give Window Works a call at our New Jersey office at 973-535-5860.

We’ll schedule your appointment for a free consultation with a Window Works expert on louvered roof systems, motorized pergolas, and patio shades.

We’re happy to listen to your needs, make custom recommendations as to the right louvered roof for you, work up a free estimate, and help you through the entire process to completion

As always with Window Works, there’s never any upfront cost or obligation.

Louvered Roof FAQs:

What is the installation lead time?

Installation lead time varies by manufacturer and certainly seasonality, but the best time to start the process is to call now!

How much does a louvered roof cost?

It all depends on your needs and desired options—that’s why we offer free design consultations.

How do I design my louvered roof?

We will factor in your needs and wants into the amount of space you are looking to cover as well as how the sun and bad weather affects that space before coming up with the right design for the project. We work together to make sure all of the details are carefully thought through and worked out.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

You’ll want to hose or wipe down the frame occasionally to keep dirt and pollen from accumulating. You’ll definitely want to clean off debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt from the moving parts, as well as the gutters and downspouts.

What is a louvered roof made from?

Most higher-quality versions are made from rust-proof extruded aluminum. Most lower-priced versions are made from stamped aluminum.

Do you have a warranty?

Window Works only carries the finest and most well-established products available in the industry. We have built our 40+ year reputation on quality products and outstanding service—that’s why we offer an unheard-of 3-year labor warranty!

We stand behind our work longer than any other company around. Factory-backed warranties vary by manufacturer but typically range from 3-5 years on motors and electronics to limited lifetime warranties on the major components.

We are happy to share actual factory warranty documents with you so you have peace of mind knowing your investment will be backed for years to come.

“The workmanship and quality are superb, the installation is neat and professional and the owners are a delight to work with. I highly recommend the company for anyone seeking a custom, expensive look without all the pretense.”

Marguerite, New Jersey

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