Steven Cooper is the CEO of Cooper Pacific Kitchens, the experts in the field of kitchen design, kitchen remodeling, interior design, engineering, and installation. Through innovation and premium design, Steven’s team always aims to bring each client’s unique vision and sense of expression of life.

They provide homeowners with functional kitchen spaces that are stunning expressions of their individual tastes.

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  • Cooper Pacific Kitchens was founded in 1986 by Neil and Shirley Cooper, Steven’s parents.
  • They have just celebrated their 30th year in business.
  • Steven’s parents have retired from the business and now Steven along with his brother, wife and 2 daughters lead the team at Cooper Pacific Kitchens.
  • His daughters are trained on the managing of logistics, scheduling, and installation.
  • They have projects all over the country and outside USA too.
  • Cooper Pacific is a trade resource for interior designers
  • It may take a thousand details in creating and designing a beautiful kitchen.
  • A Team of designers and engineers help put the kitchen together.
  •  They always keep up to date with the latest developments in appliances, construction materials, new processes and trends.
  •  It’s a fast-changing world. The team has to know which appliance to recommend for each particular client and for which particular location in the kitchen or home – the ovens, dishwasher, cabinets, all other appliances such as refrigerators . He often recommends the combination convection and steam oven rather than microwave oven. The steam oven is taking the place of microwave.
  • Each project is a collaborative work of experts
  • Every team member is given due recognition and importance.
  • Synergy among the team is valued.
  •  Steven’s projects are worth six figures each and every one is very careful not to make any mistake.
  • Steven is on the line for all the minutiae of the work – the small, precise details of the project in order to avoid mistakes

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