Welcome back to another episode of A Well Designed Business! Today we have Shauna Lynn Simon who is a fantastic home stager! Shauna is going to share with us how she steered her talents to home staging and why she decided on the home staging niche rather than interior design.

Shauna Lynn Simon

Shauna Lynn Simon
Home Staging Expert

Show Notes:

  • How did she get into home staging?
  • How did she re-analyze her situation when things did not take off the way she wanted?
  • How did she figure out who her target client should be?
  • Selling yourself vs selling a product
  • What is the “wow” factor?
  • What is in her client care packet?
  • What are the differences between interior design and home staging?
  • How do you tell someone their house is filthy?

Her Websites: www.homestagertraining.com www.styledlistedsold.com

Link for free session for website and show notes:
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