Welcome back! Today our guest is the founder of Funk Design Studio: Sandra Levy! She is going to be talking to us about how she runs her business and puts systems into place for effective project management. Her best tip is to be very clear and upfront with everyone on a project and set goals!

In this episode you will learn:sandra-funk-levy-new-headshot-by-laura-desantis-olsson

  • Be clear with everyone that is working on a project
  • Brainstorm and then shop
  • Don’t ask the client for a budget
  • How not to run a business
  • Set goals and break it down
  • Goal sheets
  • Be very careful to track real customer time
  • Technology is great!
  • Stop saying yes to every project!
  • Have good communication
  • Focus on relationships

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Click Here to get Sandra’s Guide to Building Systems to Increase Profitability!



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