Rachel Moriarty

Rachel Moriarty
CEO, Rachel Interiors

Today I would like to introduce, dare I say my first fan: Rachel Moriarty! She has been so supportive from the beginning on social media. I would like to give her a huge THANK YOU! One of the conversations that we had on social media about more episodes with solo entrepreneur shops and firms. It’s nice to show appreciation for the big influencers on the show. We can see where a business can go. But we need to take the time to also have good conversations with people who run fabulous businesses all by themselves.

Show Notes:

  • What was Rachel’s motivation to talk about solo entrepreneurs?
  • What is a creative entrepreneur mindset?
  • What kind of systems and programs does she use?
  • What is a “work jam”?
  • What is her design process?
  • Why “Go Red for Women”?
  • Who does her photography?
  • Look vs feel in a room
  • What advice does she have for new entrepreneurs?

Zoom app: www.rachelminteriors.com

Website:  https://www.rachelminteriors.com
Link to Pop Up and Meet Up Events   https://www.rachelminteriors.com/#!blank/h9c2r
Link to Free E-Guide:  https://www.rachelminteriors.com/#!free-for-you/pj7sj

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