This is our very first power talk Friday! Each week we are going to bring in experts directly to our interior designers out there talking about a very tight, concise topic. Our expert today Krista Coupar! That’s right she is back! She is going to discuss how to effectively bill out with an hourly fee structure. I know that interior designers want to know this because they have been telling me on Facebook and Instagram that this is one of the biggest struggles that they face.

Show Notes:Krista Coupar

  • Why is it so important for designers to understand their existing pipeline?
  • How do you figure out the pipeline numbers?
  • How do you figure out how many hours to spend on each client?
  • What certain “jobs” are not billable?
  • Should weekly meetings be used?
  • How should solo designers divide their time?
  • How much should you charge?


How To Effectively Bill Out Using an Hourly Fee Structure:
• Step 1: Understand your existing pipeline
• Step 2: Do an analysis of your current client base and your average monthly billing
• Step 3: Determine utilization rates for yourself and your team
• Step 4: Match up current project initiatives with the hours the team has available to work
• Step 5: Evaluate if you need to add to your team