Lori Sawaya

Lori Sawaya
Color Expert and Strategist

Welcome back! Today we have Lori Sawaya! Lori has been in the business of color for over 20 years. She has a background working with print, architecture paint, and color. Her experience and knowledge enable her to make complex color concepts easy for everyone to understand. Today we are going to talk about color, what you should keep in mind when picking a color and new tools you can use when it comes to color.

Lori Sawaya (pronounced Sah-why-uh) Lori’s specialized color expertise stands out because of her creative and strategic command of color.


  • Creator and Lead Instructor at Camp Chroma™ Online Color Training
  • *IACC-NA Certified Architectural Color Consultant
  • Recognized Authority on Color Systems and Color Spaces
  • Noted Expert on LRV (Light Reflectance Value)
  • App Designer of LRV Guru™
  • Inventor of SwatchRight™ Paint-Peel-and-Stick color sample decal
  • Ebook Author of “Color Secrets Unlocked • Volume 1 • Color Psychology and Meaning”
  • Color Designer of the “Color Legends” paint palette including Haint Blue
  • VP and Website Chair for the *IACC-NA 2011-2013
  • Admin/owner of Color & Paint Pro’s Group on LinkedIN

Lori Sawaya is a sought-after color strategist and *IACC-NA certified color expert specializing in architectural color consultation and color order systems and color space. For example, Munsell, NCS and CIE L*a*b (pronounced “see lab”) Talent + Tactical = The Whole Package:  More than twenty years working with print, architectural paint, and color has forged a unique perspective and robust knowledge base. This multi-disciplinary experience plus graphic design acumen enables her to make even the most complex color concepts easy for everyone to understand.  IACC-NA is the International Association of Color Consultants and Designers North America

Show Notes:

  • What is her opinion about color?
  • What is spectral data?
  • What is colorimetry?
  • What are the most common color mistakes?
  • Why is light so important?
  • Have any mistakes been made?
  • Be professional as you can!
  • What new tools can be used?


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