Graduation is coming up! So I thought we would do a week of podcasts giving advice and tips to the new graduates coming into the design business. One of my employees: Kim is our special guest today. She has been out of school for 9 years now and has been working at “Window Works” for 8 years. She is going to share some of her personal experiences from school to job.
Kim shares with us:

  • Kimberly Serafim photoDealing with one project a semester taught time management and how to deal with deadlines;
  • One presentation a year in college;
  •  Don’t underestimate the projects;
  •  Look to create teamwork;
  •  Internships are important ~ start internships as soon as possible to build up resume and get as much experience as you can;
  •  First intern experience was a “what not to do” experience;
  •  Organization and having a system in place is important;
  •  Going from intern to job ~attention to detail very important
  •  Expect high expectations~ be prepared to deal with everyday issues;
  •  Figure out how to deal with what has been given to you;
  •  Bring good work ethic;
  •  Pay your dues then you will be able to do the bigger, important jobs;
  •  Be in the industry even if it’s not a design assistant;
  •  See how other businesses are run;
  •  Get the tools to run a business before you start your own firm.


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