Today is the first of two shows sponsored by DesignerInc. If you haven’t yet heard of DesignerInc, be sure to go back to episode #85, where Heather Gillette, it’s founder, was first introduced onto the show. On that show, LuAnn talked to her and to Designer, Mark Cutler about the introduction of DesignerInc to the marketplace. Today, Heather is back, joined by her co-founder, Dorothee Fischer, to share all of the latest developments to this valuable Interior Design Business tool. Listen in to find out all about these developments.

By using the To The Trade Only DesignerInc, you can cut your sourcing time by half. You can source by using filters- by product, by the showroom, by price point, by color, or even by dimension. It allows you to create client project folders, to organize your finds and you can share customized tear sheets with your clients. LuAnn points out that this software does not replace a Management System like MyDomo Studio- DesignerInc works in conjunction with your Client Management System, which is one of the real genius parts of it. With DesignerInc, which has all the trade sources on the site, you don’t need to go back and forth to each individual site, when looking around for a particular item. You can search within the DesignerInc platform and compare, get quotes and purchase- all right there!  You can do this for multiple vendors for a single project, or a for single check-out experience. Once you’ve made your selection, you can simply go back and import your selection to MyDomo Studio and you’re off and running! Sounds pretty fabulous, doesn’t it! Listen in today, as Heather and Dorothee fill in all the gaps and tell you about the newest features to DesignerInc.

Heather Gillette is a tech person, who has specialized in early stage start-ups for the past twenty years, with a focus on the operations end. She founded and headed several departments at Youtube, including copyright enforcement, content review, and user support departments. This was both pre and post-Google acquisition. Her teams kept YouTube legal and clean and processed millions of videos and user communications daily, with very little manpower. Heather is also the founder of New Decor, so she really knows the challenges that you face as Interior Designers, as DesignerInc was created specifically to increase their firm’s productivity.

Dorothee Fischer is the co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of DesignerInc. She was also an early Youtube employee and she was their first post-acquisition marketing hire. She has twenty years of marketing behind her, nine of which she spent mastering social media. Her other areas of expertise include User Acquisition, Content Marketing, Partner Marketing, and Branding.

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Today, Heather and Dorothee talk to LuAnn about

  • The really special kind of relationship that gets built in, almost automatically, when people listen to this podcast and the people that LuAnn interviews. Heather can tell from the get-go, when people sign up for her site, that there’s a different kind of relationship, due to this.
  • Heather explains the basics of what DesignerInc really is.
  • Heather explains some of the recent developments to their purchasing service, and why they launched it early.
  • How the quoting process works, within the DesignerInc site.
  • That DesignerInc will come back to you to confirm, should you have made multiple choices.
  • That you would pay no more order through DesignerInc, than you would if you ordered directly from the manufacturer.
  • How they make their money, at DesignerInc, through kickbacks from the manufacturers.
  • The loyalty program that they’re developing, to offer you more savings.
  • That the commission will still be paid to the manufacturing or sales reps, for your order.
  • How the shopping experience actually happens, on DesignerInc.
  • Their Shop By Showroom filter.
  • Using the price filter on DesignerInc.
  • The various other filters that you can use, like style and dimension.
  • The flag feature that you can use, for your feedback, to make corrections on the site.
  • The save searches that you can use, to narrow down and save your searches as you build your projects.
  • That you can share items on the site, by inviting your client, so that they can also comment.
  • The really huge number of well-known vendors, on DesignerInc.
  • That they’re a bit like the High Point Market, or Amazon, for Interior Designers.
  • What happens when an order goes wrong…that they take the responsibility and handle all of that, on your behalf.
  • That they handle all the shipping logistics, to the first destination.
  • That they really want your feedback, at DesignersInc.
  • How you, as Designers, can now invest and own equity at DesignerInc.



To invest in Designer Inc, go to: and search for designerinc.



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