Deborah Rosenberg is here with us today on Power Talk Friday. If you remember Deborah was first on the show on episode 82. Deborah is the founder of an ultra-luxury design firm, Dimare Design and She is a leader in cruelty-free and wellness healthy design. During episode 82 she talks about her passion for animal’s rights and how she has skewed her interior design firm to stand firmly behind this passion of hers to be cruelty-free. Deborah believes that luxury design should look good, feel good and do good.

Deborah has also been on TLC as a featured designer; she has appeared on the Today Show; she writes articles and lectures on humane and wellness design. If you haven’t listened to episode 82 you need to go back and listen to it because you will get full details of how she runs her business and her great business principles. She mentioned in that episode that she was working on a certification program for interior designers. The course is launching! Learn how you can get 2 for 1 for a limited time below!

Show Notes:

  • What was the inspiration for the certified course for cruelty-free?
  • When can a design firm put the cruelty-free logo on their website?
  • What else comes with the cruelty-free logo?
  • What other companies have started using vegan free besides design firms?
  • What can a designer expect with the cruelty-free course?
  • How can you set up to take the course?
  • When is the launch date for the module?
  • How often will the course be updated?
  • Is there a cost to take the course and if so how is the cost done for the course?
  • Can you preregister for the course?


Get 2 for 1 when you sign up for the Cruelty-Free Certification program before January 9, 2017.

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