Asler Valero

Asler Valero                                             (Photo Courtesy of Rio Hamilton)
Interior Design Consultant

This mid-week, Window Works features Asler Valero, a Venezuelan-American interior designer with projects in the Caribbean, South America, and Europe. Asler’s work has been greatly influenced by Stephen Sills Associates and Uniford Design Studios with whom he had collaborated on residential and commercial projects around the world. Asler is also recognized as a color expert by paint companies around the country, several of which he serves as consultant to.


Show Notes

  • What are the design lessons Asler learned at Sills-Hunniford Dwellings
  • The most important design element for Asler
  • The purposes behind his choice of design elements
  • The reasons behind his choice of color schemes
  • Reason why he is very organized and precise
  • His tips on learning
  • His tips on the value of styling a room for photography
  • His tips on making projects successful
  • His tips on actual design work for each client
  • Why you should ask your client for pictures of the design styles that you like and don’t like
  • His advice for designing a life and a business
  • Why traveling is important for designers
  • Giving back

Credits:   Photography by Rio Hamilton



His work with Housing Works-

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