Ashlina Kaposta

Ashlina Kaposta
Founder-The Decorista

Ashlina Kaposta is the design blogger behind The Decorista, a household name in the world of interior design blogging. Ashlina works around-the-clock hours as an interior designer, site technician and writer, and she   attends design conferences as either a speaker or a member of the audience.  She has recently launched  a new self-adhesive wallpaper line with graphic stripes, animal prints, and other fun designs!  Here she is on our podcast discussing her inspired designs,  motivated moves, energized creations, and  life-changing choices and decisions.

Show Notes

  • How Ashlina started her career
  • Why she created the blog Decorista
  • Her tips for building a successful business
  • Importance of taking courses to enhance business skills
  • Why enhancing speaking and writing skills is necessary
  • The role of her blog in her success
  • Attending industry events is very helpful
  • Attending shows and visiting showrooms had a role in her success
  • Continue learning everything you can about the industry and the people in it.
  • The importance of publicity and exposure
  • Building a successful brand
  • Invest in your own stylized photography of your own work
  • Be intentional – what it means
  • Tips on creating a vision board of your ideal project, the type of project you want to attract and be paid to execute.
  • Tips for dreams, goals, and planning


LuAnn’s Vision Board for the website!

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